Laser Hair Removal



Smooth – Forever



When Gentle Touch first opened in 1998, it was the first laser centre in Atlantic. Since that time we have focused on providing the latest and most effective technology combined with highly trained and certified staff to ensure the best results for our clients.

Get rid of your unwanted hair quickly.

Our advanced laser technology will selectively target hair follicles that are darker in colour (light brown through black) and destroy them, leaving the skin and surrounding tissue unmarked.

Our highly trained professionals have extensive experience in treating all skin types and body areas on both men and women. If you want results, you have selected the right clinic!

Call us at 902.429.6611 to book your free consultation.

*Individual results may vary.

Price List
  • Arms
  • Half Arms$149
  • Full Arms$199
  • Underarms$99
  • Back
  • Full$249
  • Half$199
  • Shoulders$99
  • Shoulders and Full Back$349
  • Shoulders and Half Back$299
  • Bikini
  • Bikini$125
  • French Cut$175
  • Brazilian$249
  • Basic Bikini & Inner Thigh$175
  • Linea$75
  • Chest
  • Full Chest$149
  • Chest & Abdomen$249
  • Abdomen$99
  • Face
  • Upper Lip$75
  • Chin$75
  • Upper Lip and Chin$125
  • Half face$199
  • Nape of Neck$99
  • Front of Neck$99
  • Sideburns$99
  • Lower Limbs
  • Full Legs$349
  • Lower Legs$225
  • Thighs $199
  • Feet & Toes$75
  • EMLA Application (topical Anesthetic)
  • Cost of Cream$60
  • Application$20